2016-2017 was a busy year for AMAC, with major reorganization measures and refurbishment works during the pre-season. All of this led to good results for the season itself, with €24.4 million in revenue.

The significant events of 2016-2017 for AMAC were:

  • Revenue rose by 7% year on year, reaching €24.4 million.
  • Gross operating margin before headquarters costs amounted to 54%.
  • The Dunes club reported a 34% jump in revenue, spurred by the successful upscaling strategy for this site.
  • AMAC acquired two new sites: Les Chardons Bleus at La Turballe in the Loire-Atlantique region (a 300-pitch site on France’s Atlantic coast) and Soleil Plage (a five-star site on the banks of the Dordogne river).

As part of the strategy to build up a group around the AMAC brand, which was launched in 2015-2016, the pre-season period in 2017 also saw an IT overhaul which entailed:

  • Changing the business operating system at all of the sites and at headquarters.
  • Redefining the various accommodation classifications.
  • Fully reworking the brand's websites.

On the operations front, the infrastructure at the La Plage d’Argens site was fully renovated with a view to upgrading it to a four-star site for the 2018 season.
And as part of the strategy put in place when the AMAC brand was launched, large-scale refurbishment and modernization works were also undertaken at the Verdon Parc, La Pinède and Mayotte Vacances sites.

Focus on

The La Plage d’Argens club

The La Plage d’Argens club is a 387-pitch site located in Fréjus in the South of France. It was first opened over 50 years ago and is one of the rare campsites on the French Riviera to have direct access to the sea. In the 2017 pre-season, a major renovation program was carried out with a view to upgrading it to a four-star site for the 2018 season. This involved carrying out refurbishment works (the water park, village center, retail outlets and kids clubs), creating a pedestrianized space for the mobile homes area, landscaping the banks of the Argens river, altering the access roads and making parking areas. And to all of this, our Decor Manager, Michaëla Mesguich, added her contemporary design touch.
The top-quality results have definitely made it all worthwhile!


December 4 2018 AMAC acquisition by Vacanceselect group (formerly Vacalians).

June 20, 2018 Announcement of AMAC acquisition by Vacallians group.