Entrepreneurs and Investors

In 2015-2016, we pursued the objectives we have set ourselves as “Entrepreneurs and Investors” by strengthening our shareholder base and increasing our influence in the sectors and service companies we have chosen to invest in.

Following the reorganization of Elior Group’s ownership structure, and particularly the exit of the private equity funds, Charterhouse and Chequers, in 2015-2016 Bim became the company’s major shareholder with an interest topping the 25% mark. Consequently, we now have an additional seat on Elior Group’s Board of Directors and, through our representatives, play an active role on the Board’s three committees – the Audit Committee, the Nominations and Compensation Committee, and the Strategy, Investments and CSR Committee.

As Honorary Chairman and Founder of Elior, I chair the Strategy Committee, which advises the Board on its decisions concerning strategy, investments and external growth projects. I also sit on the Nominations and Compensation Committee, whose main task is to assist the Board with appointing the members of Elior Group’s management bodies.

Also during the year, Bim increased its ownership interest in Compagnie de Bel Air and acquired full control of Novetude Santé and Compagnie Hôtelière de Bagatelle.

In all of these companies, Bim and Sofibim act together as a dynamic holding structure, initiating and actively participating in the processes of determining their business strategies and selecting their management teams as well as leading and overseeing their operations.

In addition to the financial performance we achieved in 2015-2016 – which our Chief Executive Officer comments on below – during the year, we continued to build for the long-term future, moving forward with the same positive momentum that has propelled us for the past 25 years.

Having built up a coherent portfolio of highperforming businesses, in 2015-2016 we focused on ensuring that these businesses all adhere to a set of underlying values that help them stand out from the crowd. Decentralization, managerial autonomy, accountability, control, consensus decisionmaking, an entrepreneurial mindset and a performance-driven culture – these are all values that we need to ensure do not become eroded over time or fade away as new management teams come on board. In short, Bim’s overriding responsibility is to keep a watchful eye on developments – both present and future.

Robert Zolade