Novetude Santé

The significant events of fiscal 2015-2016 for Novetude Santé were:

  • It completed the restructuring plan it launched in 2015.
  • It undertook a major project to relocate its Paris, Bordeaux and Strasbourg osteopathy colleges
  • It obtained Level-1 certification from the French government for the courses delivered at all of its osteopathy colleges – a high-quality accreditation for their graduates.

The group’s aim to constantly improve its pedagogical tools and methods was demonstrated during the year by its reenergized recruitment drive, a personalized student progress monitoring system put in place at all of its establishments and the signature of a number of significant partnership agreements, such as with the French national healthcare and medical research institute (INSERM) and Montsouris hospital in Paris.

Novetude Santé also strengthened its college arm by acquiring a sixth osteopathy college in Saint-Etienne – the International Center of Osteopathy.

In 2016-2017, the group’s organic growth is expected to increase, propelled by:

  • The high intake level for September 2016.
  • The requests lodged for higher osteopathy student quotas in Strasbourg and Bordeaux.
  • The development of new programs and areas of study (dental prosthetics, dietician licenses and continuing professional education for pharmacists).

Novetude Santé also intends to pursue its acquisition-led growth in the coming fiscal year and has already identified several potential targets.